Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Transfers were today. I´m out in the "campo" in Derqui. I´m a third companion to the Zone Leaders. Earlier this week while we were finishing our papers we found a place by the train station that was selling boxes of 40 alfajores [cookies] at 1 peso each. I bought one. It was about $8 US. Almost all of our FBI clearances had expired, so now we´ll be working to get new ones.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Everything is in disarray because there are four elders living together right now. But don´t worry, I bought a 4 column notebook, and everything is in order in at least that context. Transfers are next week, so I´ll be in a companionship, but for the meantime we are getting done twice as much work.

We went to finish all the papers today. There´s one last step and then the visa is permanent.

We have an investigator who when we met with him said that he hadn't been drinking or smoking for 2 weeks. One day he called us saying that he had drank the night before, but he wanted to get baptized on a specific day in August.

There are three kinds of missionary work: 1) The missionaries do the work, 2) The members help the missionaries do the work, and 3) The missionaries help the members do the work. The third one is always the best because it is the bishop who holds the keys, and the members who have the responsibility. There are few things better than the missionaries getting a call that you want them to come to a dinner where you've invited some friends over who are interested in the church because of your discussions. The clip "I´ll go where you want me to go" that was used in the last training broadcast is very instructive. The first and foremost principle of sharing the restored gospel is to understand it yourself. "Come" is the invitation. Missionary work becomes easy once you are trying to live it in full.

-Elder Damitz