Monday, October 21, 2013

My camera was stolen, but luckily I backed up the photos a few weeks ago, so I didn´t lose much, and I sent they key photos from that time already. They broke into the second story by walking on the corrugated roof. The window is plastic and can be forced open when locked easily. They only stole the mission´s DVD player (which was actually broken), my camera, and my companion´s camera. He lost over a year of photos.

We´re still trying to find investigators. We have a few potentials now, and most have members who introduced them to the Church. Some of them seem very prepared. Members and the Ward Council are key in all phases of missionary work.

There are so many doctrines in the world, and it would be ridiculous if it wasn't so terrifying. The Doctrine of Jesus Christ is simple, and easy to understand. Studying Preach My Gospel individually and as a family helps to strengthen testimony. When one has a clear understanding of the scriptures and this doctrine that it contains, it is so easy to bear testimony, because the simple truths are most powerful, and when obtained by the Spirit, they can be taught by the Spirit.

Monday, October 14, 2013

We went a whole week with no fruits, and then a member invited four friends to Church for a baby blessing, and now we have some investigators. We´re working with the branch to find people.

We´ve had such a slow week because we´ve been out of our area traveling for most of the time. We´ve only slept in our apartment 3 times this last week. The mission has grown dramatically. We have about 230 missionaries, and will have more. Even still, there are so many people here. Millions.

-Elder Damitz

Monday, October 7, 2013

The work has almost stopped in this area. This last week we only had 2 lessons. But, we´re going to bring it back. This Friday there was an Emergency transfer. My companion Elder Alder, left to another area, the Elder that was there went to another area, and the Elder from that area is now my companion in Baradero, Elder Dewitt. He´s from Arizona. We get along well as well.

We´re going to the Zoo as a mission tomorrow, but because we had meetings today and we´ll be going early tomorrow, we have to stay in the house of the Zone Leaders for two days because we´re so far out into Provincia. And I forgot my camera.

We still have no investigators. One of the most important things you can do as a member is Home and Visiting Teaching. The reason it is so difficult for people to do it is because the adversary knows that Home and Visiting Teaching done well is perhaps the most effective form of Christlike service within the Church. It is designed to serve every member of a unit spiritually and temporally. It is the most effective way to prevent a member from going less active, and could very well be the only way the leaders become aware of the needs of the members. This work is vital. Please do it.

Please also invite people to hear from the missionaries. The ideal situation is that members invite others to hear from the missionaries and are present during the same. This is easiest on everyone, it softens the hearts of those who will listen, the missionaries don´t stress as much, and the investigators immediately have someone to rely on and ask questions.

-Elder Damitz