Monday, October 21, 2013

My camera was stolen, but luckily I backed up the photos a few weeks ago, so I didn´t lose much, and I sent they key photos from that time already. They broke into the second story by walking on the corrugated roof. The window is plastic and can be forced open when locked easily. They only stole the mission´s DVD player (which was actually broken), my camera, and my companion´s camera. He lost over a year of photos.

We´re still trying to find investigators. We have a few potentials now, and most have members who introduced them to the Church. Some of them seem very prepared. Members and the Ward Council are key in all phases of missionary work.

There are so many doctrines in the world, and it would be ridiculous if it wasn't so terrifying. The Doctrine of Jesus Christ is simple, and easy to understand. Studying Preach My Gospel individually and as a family helps to strengthen testimony. When one has a clear understanding of the scriptures and this doctrine that it contains, it is so easy to bear testimony, because the simple truths are most powerful, and when obtained by the Spirit, they can be taught by the Spirit.

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