Monday, December 23, 2013

A few days ago, there were some manifestations, so we headed back to the apartment. On our way back, the bus turned the wrong way, so we got off on the side of a street that wasn't our area. A little girl came up to us asking if we were Elders. We said yes, and she said that her dad wants to talk with us. One of his daughters is a member, and the lost their mother a few years ago. They've moved and have missed the Elders coming over. He's agnostic, but says that he loves what the Church does and what they teach. We invited them to church and he came, but left the kids because they were sleeping.

We met a man who is incredibly prepared. You can feel and see that he searches in the Light of Christ. He can recognize things for what they are. Sometimes you come across people whose faith is humbling.

We locked the keys in the apartment yesterday. We had to get the Zone Leaders to bring a copy because we couldn't get it open by alternative means.

Merry.... Christmas..........?

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