Monday, March 17, 2014

This really is the end of the first week. We're going to play fútbol in another area.

The work is bit slow right now because we're having difficulty finding. We did, however, find a family through a recent convert. Sacrament Meeting attendance has been a bit small. We ate at the Bishop's house this Sunday.

We had a Zone Meeting, and halfway through it began to rain. A bit later one of the Zone Leaders gets a call saying that all of the buses in all of Buenos Aires have shut down until midnight because a bus driver in Captial was killed. So we walked in pouring rain all day. It was good though, I like the rain.

There are times when people assume that I'm from South America because I almost don't have an accent. Sometimes I even say I'm from Chile, and they don't blink an eye. It's then fun when someone doesn't believe me and then we're all discussing whether or not I'm from Chile and they start asking me deep searching questions.

We're battling cockroaches again in the apartment, but they seem to be dying. Elder Chriss had bought a gel that comes in a syringe that is very effective.

-Elder Damitz

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