Monday, May 19, 2014

Sis. Elisabeth´s dad passed away this week. His health became very rough at the end. She's taking it very well and is still active in Church and is looking for work.

This week we had interviews with President. They went well. We usually recieve instruction from the Assistants, and we explained to them the things that were happening in our area, and Elder Ferreiros said that our Zone Leaders had to go on exchanges with us. Usually when there are exchanges, people start to show up. Instead of going on exchanges with us, both of the Zone Leaders came to our area and we split up the area. We had 10 lessons and found 4 people. Things started picking up from there.

The Sacrament Meeting attendance is going up. Bishop Godoy is very happy. Things are looking much better. We'll probably have a lot more work this week. We have a number of things to do and instructions from the leaders in the ward. We took the sacrament to Hno. Gonzalez and Juanita who didn't come to Church because he got sick.

It rained a bit this week. I really like the rain. It's also getting colder. I really like the cold.

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