Monday, December 15, 2014

It rained Saturday, which was very nice, but no one came to Church yesterday. We've been trying to get a lot of people to Church and it is proving to be very difficult. We've met a lot of people. We met a former investigator who received the missionaries about 10 years ago. Johnathan is moving to Quilmes for three weeks, but he's really interested.

I finally met the Villa-Luque family. They've been going to church for 15 years or more, but can't get baptized because she's married to someone else and can't get divorced yet. Their son was sustained as Elder's Quorum Secretary this Sunday and is going to go on a mission.

It pains me to see how as members of the Church we don't always see all of the blessings and responsibilities that we have, or can have. We are all responsible for living according to the testimony we've received. The parable of talents does not directly refer to "talents" but a very large measure of weight or wealth. The talents are not ours, neither are the gains we are required to make on them. They are the Lords. What we have been given much responsibility, but there is even more awaiting us after this life if we are faithful to the testimony and responsibility we've already received.

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