Monday, December 1, 2014

This week was strange. My leg got much better, but my arm broke out in a rash, so I bought diphendyramine, but I became way to tired and dizzy, and I couldn't sleep because I felt so drugged. In the end, it only made the rash worse.

Julio couldn't come this Sunday because he's a professor of law and had something to do with a marriage in Capital. Jorge, who we found last week and has shown lots of interest, couldn't come either, but he said he wouldn't forget and would come this week. This week went a bit slow, and we've found lots of people who couldn't go this week.

There's a new Ward Mission Leader, who still isn't set apart. He's amazing. He seems to know everything by instinct. He received very little information about his calling, but he seems to know it better than many leaders I've seen. We feel very strongly that this ward will change dramatically.

The Church is doing a campaign "He is the Gift" and they made a great video. On the 7th, we'll be the only advertisments on YouTube.

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