Monday, February 2, 2015

Things have been quite crazy recently. We found a lady by way of a referral, and she accepted us right into our house. She said that years ago she listened to two missionaries, but lost all contact, but the name Joseph Smith stayed in her head all these years. Once she talked a bit with her Chiropractor who's a member, she was excited to see us again. As we began teaching, she cried at various points of the lesson and kept saying, "Why did it take me so long?" They're a great family, but I have no Idea what has happened since because I've been transferred.

So, Tuesday at 6 we get a call from one of the Assistants, saying that Elder Sosa will be going to Villa Ballester 2, with the other elders there, and that I will be going to Jose C. Paz 1....immediately. We left to go clean the apartment, and at 8 the other elders from Villa Ballester came to help us clean and pack, and then the Zone Leaders came. We got to Jose. C. Paz 1 at about 11 at night. Elder Gallup from Idaho is my new companion until the transfer. The Assistants said that it would only be to the end of the transfer.
This area is great. There is so much potential. I just won't be here to see it all unfold.

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