Monday, November 11, 2013

Elder Holland and Elder Christofferson will be coming to a conference this Saturday, and I'm singing in a small group for that conference. We will most likely sit in the stand because there won't be enough space in the congregation because three missions will be attending, about 800 is what they are expecting.
Things are starting to move again. We taught someone who lost his wife about a year and a half ago. They've been married for about 60 years. We've been working with a few less active families, and we're helping them get back. We recently reactivated one family, and almost all of the family on the mother's side are members. We're beginning to help them all come back. This Sunday, the grandpa came which was huge.

The pan in the apartment was well expired, so we bought a nice teflon pan. I really like it. I've been making pancakes in the morning. I almost made the perfect pancake today. It was exactly the right size, thicknes, color, consistency, moisture, and temperature. The only thing it lacked was vanilla in the batter to perfect the taste and smell. And syrup to eat it with.

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