Monday, November 25, 2013

All is well. We've had a week in our area. We had interviews with President and we received a new booklet from the Church about coping with stress on the mission. We spoke with the Assistants about the Area Book, our agendas and so forth, and Elder Figueroa asked us what we needed and we said "Be in our area." The Zone Leaders jokingly threatened to rent out an apartment in Captial near the Offices to save on travel expenses. We were sleeping 3-4 nights of the week in Zárate and racking up over a thousand pesos in traveling expenses every month. But we've been in our area this week.

We moved into a new apartment. The old apartment in Baradero was not the best. There is a Brother hired out by the Church to do repairs and other things on the missionary's apartments, and said that the only reason that apartment was chosen was because there was literally nothing else. The new apartment is newly built and very nice. We are convinced that sister missionaries will be coming here next transfer, and perhaps that is why we were robbed, to find a nice, safe apartment for them.

We found someone who is related to a number of members, but said that he didn't want to be baptized because of some misconceptions about vicarious work. We explained everything and he understood it perfectly, and we found that he is quite prepared to accept the Gospel and wants to be baptized. We are beginning to see fruits in Baradero again.

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