Monday, April 14, 2014

There have been a number of robberies to missionaries these weeks. The missionaries from the Cabaña ward were robbed a few weeks ago during companion exchanges with one of the zone leaders, and since one is district leader, he has to use our phone to call his district every night because they live with the members next door to the neighbors we live with. They were robbed again yesterday, but they didn't have anything. Other missionaries from the zone had their cellphone stolen in the Church building during conference, and then they had the phone they were borrowing from a member stolen this week. Things are getting crazy.

We haven't had many lunches from members these last few weeks, and this week we had no one except the Bishop on Sunday who always gives us lunch. A member who lost his wife a while ago married a convert a few days ago. One of his sons is a returned missionary from Honduras and is in the ward.

President invited us to some form of barbecue at the Mission Home today. There were hamburgers and board games.

We've been kind of freaking out for not having very much success in our area, but President told Elder Chriss that he is genuinely happy with what we're doing and that we shouldn't take things as hard as we were. He said that there are areas that he is concerned about, but ours is not one of them.

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