Monday, April 7, 2014

This week has been difficult. We're having trouble keeping in touch with the few new people we've found, and we're having trouble finding new people. Nearly all of the less actives have moved out of the area. We're doing almost everything that we know to do, and we're getting better, but it still is sometimes very frustrating. We didn't have any investigators go to Conference with us, nor any less actives. Even still, the Gospel is true so we will keep going knowing that nothing can compare to it.

Every family should have a Preach My Gospel, and it should be a subject of family study. We have now received instruction from Church leaders in conference to do so. I said in an earlier letter that Preach My Gospel help strengthen testimony and helps one share the simple and most important truths of the Gospel, but I failed to express what was declared so clearly in Conference, that every family should study from Preach My Gospel. The missionaries will be thrilled and the Work will move forward with a new urgency.

We live with members and they had a cat who gave birth to two kittens a few weeks ago. I forgot to say anything about it. Cats are evil, but kittens are reasonably cute. They fell asleep in a dust pan once.

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