Monday, March 31, 2014

Last Monday we went to Tortugas (a mall in Tortugitas) and had Subway. (In the picture: Elder Chriss, Elder Garrett, Elder Lopez.) We've been contacting a number of less actives, and they seem to be receiving us well, even families that had thrown all of their books at the missionaries telling them they don't want to hear anything about the Church.

We almost got robbed in the street. Two people came up to us and asked us what time it was, and Elder Chriss said he didn't have a watch, and then they started saying "Give me your cellphone! Give me your cellphone!" Meanwhile one had their hand in a position that made it look like he had a gun, but it was obvious he didn't. Elder Chriss denied that we had one and we started opening our bags and showing them that we only have books. He offered them a Book of Mormon, but they rejected it and went off. He did actually have a cellphone and I was carrying almost 200 pesos. YOLO

I got really sick Saturday night and woke up to two rounds of throwing up. The first time it was brown, and the second time it was tan. Sunday morning I developed a fever, so I stayed in bed after consulting with mission leaders. The fever broke but I still feel like throwing up. It should pass soon.

Elder Damitz

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