Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday night, President called and said that there would be an emergency transfer between a number of areas, including ours. Elder Peralta went to Garín with the Zone Leaders in Escobar, and my new companion is Elder Roberts who came to the Cabaña at the transfer. He only had to carry his suitcases one house over since we live right next to them in the Cabaña.

We made a big push for finding this week, and we got many more referrals than usual, but we're having difficulty having lessons with them. Many say that they don't have a fixed schedule, or that there's family, or that they're about to leave, and so on. There's really no reasonable excuse for not receiving and acting upon the Gospel, so we've started to be a bit more weighty in how we invite.

Wednesday we went on exchanges, and Elder Soto from Mexico came from José C. Paz to our area. All went well.

I've been really tired all the time for a few months now. Missionary work is exhausting, but there's no time to stop.

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