Monday, June 30, 2014

This week we've had more lessons, but we're still struggling with making them investigators. It's hard to find them a second time, because hardly anyone seems to be at home. We've been passing by a lot of less actives, and many of them are still very receptive. Sometimes we feel like Home Teachers, but frequently we find new people through them.

The Stake President, Pres. Cuadrado died Friday night after a few weeks of struggling with an illness. They held his services on Saturday. He was only 49 and has children, one of them preparing to go on a mission in a few weeks. The members are sad for the family, but happy that he's moved on.

Natalia, who almost every day goes out with us, finally received her mission call on Sunday. At the end of Church, she couldn't wait to go home to open it with her family so she opened it there. She's going to Chile ConcepciĆ³n the 5th of November. Remember, remember, the fifth of November.

It's sad when people reject the Book of Mormon and the Church. The relationship between Jerusalem in the time of Christ and our time. Many people tell us that they're fine in their religion and don't plan on changing. They may even try to justify the existence of multiple churches and multiple doctrines saying that all churches talk of God and all ways lead to Him. One cannot accept the restored Gospel and accept the false precept of "polydoctrine." That's why it's so important to share the truth as Christ did. There's no other way to do missionary work.

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