Monday, July 7, 2014

Tuesday we had a special activity and devotional. We heard from the Assistants, President, his wife, and a few missionaries and finished it with hamburgers. We then had a "cultural event" and watched the game of Argentina vs. Switzerland. It was great. Everyone jumped up cheering when Argentina made a goal. Some didn't, especially those from Mexico and Chile.
We found the 85-year-old father of a returned missionary who is active in the Escobar Stake. He's receptive and very alert. But he knows a lot. When we asked a few questions about his beliefs, he began by saying that he believes monotheisticaly and that God is singular, not like the Greeks or the Romans who believe in multiple gods springing from multiple religions independent of each other. He told us of his respect for the Church and how he was about to be baptized at one point. His son told us that he has had spiritual experiences with the Church.

We have trouble finding people after contacting them or having short lessons in the street. Because of that we've been working a lot on making the lessons very powerful. The most frustrating part of Missionary Work is that people generally don't understand the importance of what we're saying, so we're getting better at that. The Church of Jesus Christ has been restored. The Priesthood is on the Earth again. The Stick of Joseph has come to the whole world. In this dispensation everything will come to a close. There is so much work left to be done.

President gave us permission to see the game between Argentina and the Netherlands.

Next week is transfers. I'll likely be going seeing that I've been here for 3 transfers now.

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