Monday, August 28, 2014

This week Elder Mason got sick. It was pretty bad. Then he got worse a few days ago. I told him in the morning that it was probably a sinus infection and that he would have to tell the doctor and he would tell him to take an antibiotic, probably amoxicilin. I was dead on. We weren't able to go out much this week so I rearranged the furniture and cleaned the apartment. It's really clean, and the arrangement opens the space up a lot.

We confirmed Axel, and Judith was baptized. She was going to be baptized by Elder Mason, but because he was sick, she decided that I would baptize her. That was the first time I baptized someone. Ezequiel couldn't come so he will be baptized this week and asked that I do it. Matias showed up and said that he too wants to be baptized.

                                                David, Me, Judith, Gabriela. lower: Leo, Hairo, Ty.

Ty Mason, Sister Ayre, Brian Damitz

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