Monday, November 10, 2014

This week went well Alberto is coming along well, but didn't come to church. We were outside his house about half an hour clapping and yelling, but he was dead asleep.

We had interviews with President on Thursday. He showed us the trailer of Meet the Mormons and said that it won't come to Argentina until March. He also showed a video of Pres. Eyring when he was a member of the Twelve saying very forcefully "You be careful" if we ever have the idea that perhaps our calls weren't inspired. He said we should tell our younger brothers to take good pictures when they send in the papers because usually the moment the see the picture they know where we have to go. He said he had never received impressions as strong or as consistent as the missionary assignments.

Sunday was Elder Fuente's birthday. He changed clothes because he knew he would be mauled by eggs and flour and mud.

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