Monday, September 2, 2013

The socks from the missionary mall are very good. The other ones are falling apart, so I won´t have enough in a few months. If it isn´t too much trouble, sending more pairs of the missionary mall socks would be good.

We´re still trying to figure out what to name the Zone. I think it should be called Pilar.

We started teaching a family that lost a son just over a year ago. I´m the same age and have many of the same mannerisms as him. The mother said that the two sons look up to me because of that. They are very well prepared.

I forgot to write that I ate cow stomach a few weeks ago. It tasted very much like cow, but it had a consistency closer to liver, and had an undertaste of alfalfa.

The work is wonderful in this area. There are miracles every day.

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