Monday, September 30, 2013

Baradero is very nice. The streets are clean, there are not very many dogs running around wild, and the whole city is altogether quite pleasant. It´s almost too perfect. There´s an airfield and some hangars at the edge of the city, the city is surrounded by fields, there´s a horse racing track, and there´s a dirt road that leads to a group of houses on the edge of a river.

We still have no investigators this week, but we´ll be having an activity with the branch to go over member missionary work. The most effective way to find prepared people is through members. The most effective way to fellowship investigators is through members. The most effective way to help people feel comfortable adapting to the Gospel of Jesus Christ is through members. Home and Visiting Teaching is crucially vital. Please do it. Without it, it is so easy for people, especially those who particularly need help, to fall into inactivity and feel lost for a very long time.

-Elder Damitz

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