Monday, September 9, 2013

Tomorrow completes 5 months in the mission.

Elder Jorquera gave me a tie and said to wear it to my first Zone Leader Council.

My letters have been a bit sparce, so I will try to write more.

I am currently in Presidente Derqui in Provincia. Provincia is more rural than the rest of the mission. We use the train to get out here and to other places farther than the city. It is a few hours from the mission home and the mission offices. The ward is Derqui and the Stake is Escobar. The ward is excellent. In the places I´ve been, each ward has it´s own building. There are dogs in the street everywhere.

Before the transfer, there was one area in Derqui, and Elder Carvajal and Elder Alfaro were the missionaries. Now there are five of us, Elder Alfaro is the companion of Elder Valerdi who is from Mexico, and Elder Jorquera and Elder Carvajal are the Zone Leaders and my companions. We split the area taking one side of the dead rails, "Derqui I", and the other elders have the other side, "Derqui II". The apartment is very dirty, but we´re working to clean it.

We have had three baptisms so far. One had a wedding a few hours before the baptism and was baptized with her sister who lives not too far away. We also baptized a brother who recieved the Aaronic Priesthood two weeks ago.

The more you work with the Gospel, the more you realize how logical it is, and how illogical all of the counterfeits are. I am thoroughly convinced of the divinity of the Book of Mormon. It´s teachings are pure and above the capacity of man to compare. It proves its divine origin and content by its appeal to those who are most humble, most pure in heart, and those who search dilligently in the Spirit to know the things of God. To deny the Book of Mormon would be to deny the tender mercies and wisdom of God.

-Elder Damitz

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