Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It´s been raining off and on, which is really nice. I like the rain. But it creates mud, which I´m not very fond of. Not that it´s a problem, it´s just a nuisance and another thing to clean. I really like the cold and the rain here.

Elder Carvajal got very sick this week, but he was treated in the hospital and is doing better. The Church has contracts with three hospitals in this mission. One of them is Hospital Austral which if I saw correctly is ranked number 1 in the country. It is very new.

I got transferred today. I´m in Badadero. My companion is Elder Alder. He´s District Leader. I can´t seem to escape being companion to a District or Zone Leader. Every companion in the field has been either District or Zone Leader. It´s really odd being in a normal companionship with only two people in the apartment. That hasn't happened since Utah.

Badadero is even farther out into the campo and has much fewer people. I don´t think the train goes out this way. I think we are the second most farthest area in the mission. The next closest city is about an hour bike ride to the South. Badadero is a Branch, and we´re the counselors to the Elders Quorum, so we have a Manual 2 in the apartment. :D

We have no investigators right now.

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