Friday, May 17, 2013 - Week 6 (MTC)

I've been temporarily reassigned to Utah Salt Lake City West Mission. I'm leaving by train on Tuesday at 8:00am. Everyone seems to be getting these reassignments as we are waiting for our Visas.

I've been off of my foot and it's healing well. I think I can start running again next week. I don't think I'll need to use all that you sent me. It really wasn't that bad.

Sis. Ayala said that I am doing very well with Spanish. Sometimes she jokingly says that I'm the best, but takes it back so no one will be offended. There are 9 in our district, and some instructors have been taking us out in random pairs to do more individual coaching. I was left to the end. Some questioned if I even needed it.

Russell M. Nelson spoke in the devotional on Tuesday. The person over managing all the MTCs was there and Elder Nelson said near the beginning, "We have 17 MTCs now?" "15" "Well, get going." There will be 405 missions by July 1, 2013. He said to make page 240 of the topical guide and all 57 subtitles our personal, private core curriculum. (See listing below for Page 240 of the topical guide)

Jesus Christ

See also Bread of Life ; Cornerstone ; God, Creator ; Godhead ; God the Father, Jehovah ; Jesus Christ, Advocate ;Jesus Christ, Antemortal Existence of ; Jesus Christ, Appearances, Antemortal ; Jesus Christ, Appearances, Postmortal ; Jesus Christ, Ascension of ; Jesus Christ, Atonement through ; Jesus Christ, Authority of ; Jesus Christ, Baptism of ; Jesus Christ, Betrayal of ; Jesus Christ, Birth of ; Jesus Christ, Condescension of ; Jesus Christ, Creator ;Jesus Christ, Crucifixion of ; Jesus Christ, Davidic Descent of ; Jesus Christ, Death of ; Jesus Christ, Divine Sonship ;Jesus Christ, Exemplar ; Jesus Christ, Family of ; Jesus Christ, Firstborn ; Jesus Christ, Foreordained ; Jesus Christ, Glory of ; Jesus Christ, Good Shepherd ; Jesus Christ, Head of the Church ; Jesus Christ, Jehovah ; Jesus Christ, Judge ; Jesus Christ, King ; Jesus Christ, Lamb of God ; Jesus Christ, Light of the World ; Jesus Christ, Lord ; Jesus Christ, Mediator ; Jesus Christ, Messenger of the Covenant ; Jesus Christ, Messiah ; Jesus Christ, Millennial Reign ;Jesus Christ, Mission of ; Jesus Christ, Only Begotten Son ; Jesus Christ, Power of ; Jesus Christ, Prophecies about ;Jesus Christ, Redeemer ; Jesus Christ, Relationships with the Father ; Jesus Christ, Resurrection ; Jesus Christ, Rock ;Jesus Christ, Savior ; Jesus Christ, Second Comforter ; Jesus Christ, Second Coming ; Jesus Christ, Son of Man ; Jesus Christ, Spirit of ; Jesus Christ, Taking the Name of ; Jesus Christ, Teaching Mode of ; Jesus Christ, Temptation of ;Jesus Christ, Trials of ; Jesus Christ, Types of, in Anticipation ; Jesus Christ, Types of, in Memory ; BD Jesus

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