Friday, May 3, 2013 - Week 4 (MTC)

Some thoughts: Richard G. Scott when he spoke said that responses for our prayers come in three ways. 1) An affirmative feeling or response, 2) A negative stupor, or bad feelings, or 3) no response at all. He said the last one is the hardest, but it it a good thing. It means the Lord trusts you enough to let you make the decision on your own. He will not let you go too far without properly and clearly warning you. President Tyler said that as members of the church, especially those who were baptized young forget that we live in the 72 degree warmth of the Spirit. It is not an event where we "feel the Spirit" but rather we always do, just in different ways. We do, however recognize when it is not there. We must continually recognize that he is with us, and always act so as to continually rely on Him through everything we face. We are prompted more than we realize, and when we do realize when we are prompted, we are more sensitive to promptings.

Go to the LDS Bible Videos and watch the "Bread of Life". (Click on link below) It should be the newest one. One of the contenders against Christ I am certain is Bro. Huntington. Bro. Stewart's "Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer" showed up as the musical number for this last Devotional.

-E. Damitz

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