Monday, May 27, 2013 - Week 7 (Salt Lake City West Mission)

On June 23, the World Wide Leadership Broadcast, the Brethren are calling it a "Historic Event" which they never use. Chances are there will be significant changes to the way missionaries and Wards and Stakes interact.

The Salt Lake City West Mission is very different. Some missionaries are authorized to use a missionary Facebook account and do online proselyting and networking in the area. A few have iPads and iPhones. They hope to roll out more in both. The planners we have are different. See photo below. This mission does many things different under the close watch of the Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve and others. They want to try different things. One of the things they do differently is put great emphasis on reactivation, just as much as other proselyting. They saying that the leaders are using are "A Reactivation is just as important as a Baptism" or variations.

There is a shift coming in the missionary program, and we are on the front edge of it. The numbers in our stakes in the mission are great because of the emphasis on reactivations. There is greater cohesion between the stake and the missionaries and they want it even better, stronger and more streamlined.

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