Saturday, April 14, 2013 - Week 1 (MTC)

The MTC is reasonably well kept and well organized. I am rooming with 5 other elders despite the room only being designed for 4. Nonetheless, the situation is not unmanageable. Three of the elders in our branch were supposed to go to the Colombia MTC, but due to visa issues, they are here. Two of them had there paperwork go though yesterday, and will be leaving Monday. It is remarkable to see how well things work here, not just from a logistic standpoint, but in its specific purpose as well. Here it is most evident how one is refined for Church service. Only in few places like these can you clearly see how jagged rocks are tumbled chaotically about and somehow are tuned into into carefully designed cogs and mechanisms for the work. There is a spirit of comfort here, and many other things that are not found elsewhere. Despite not having been in the MTC 3 days we were expected to, as a companionship, teach an investigator in Spanish. Elder Carlson and I took our failures quite hard, though afterwards the observer (who only observed our teaching amongst 4 others) said that we had done very well and he seemed genuine. Destroyed, we walked outside to study and soon after we sat down, the bells on BYU played the first few lines of "Come, come, ye saints" and was of great comfort. We will be teaching her again today.

"All is well, all is well."

-Elder Damitz

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